Welcome to living reality and seeing it with no protective shield of a false world.


Check Out My Online Store Now. ..L.M.L.K …. bringing custom creative products in collaboration with the “”Voice Of Reason”, “NittyLiveTv”, and “Shae-Nitty each providing its own creative growth and style you do not want to miss.

Yes so I’m a travel agent. I’d love to get you on a zoom call so my team can explain the details, how it works and how you can turn this into residual I income. So let me know when is your best availability for a call any day and time will work. Tho if you want to just join for the perks and deals click me anyways.

Browse around! I am sure you can find music-merch-blog post-videos and soo much more on my website. If you have any specific request or questions feel great to reach out via contact tab.


I’ll be giving personal experienced feedback from my life in selling while living out lasting memories and lucid killings.

When you spend $50 or more on L.M.L.K  or VOR Products. You Receive $5 cashback on your whole order after shipping and handleing have been included and paid for.                                                        Voice Of Reason Products




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