Welcome to living reality and seeing it with no protective shield of a false world.


My latest accomplishment. The release of “Creative Adult Experience: The University Self-Growth Edition. To purchase click me and explore the world of books.

Creative Adult University Released May 14,2021

I am; Lashae “Shae-Nitty” Kohliem.
Born san Antonio, Tx & Raised in Leesville, Louisiana.
Bday: 04/18/94 Aries life.

I became a growth speaker in 2015! I needed help getting myself back to my passions and substance within.

In 2016, I became a rap neo-soul Artist and dropped ‘ Blowed ‘ my first single and #rolemodelepic my first album on majority platforms.

I picked up my photography interest in 2016 since I had to be my personal photographer.

I’m 2017 I spent all my time marketing, connecting and Networking performing at shows from Texas to Ga while modeling and molding my lifestyle.

I have since 2018- published an audio book by L.M.L.K called the “Voice Of Reason: Self-improvement” it is in collaboration with Shae-Nitty my Artistry.

By 2019 I dropped a few singles and an NLTV.Dope Ep : Next up, by Jan 2019, I created a line of custom Creative Aprons by L.M.L.K.

It’s 2020! I Released Music Videos For My Top Singles. My Feature catalogue is steady growing with Hot Artists like:  Sludge Von (Houston), Biance’ Badd(Detroit), Von-T(Georgia), Ayo Princezzz (New Orleans)

Check me out at : NittyLiveTv.com
Twitter for uncensored Content @babyshae_151991
Growth Speaker :
Creative Customs:


YouTube: NittyLiveTv

*I know I can not only help you grow into something great, but I understand I must help you see and live the growth within!

Browse around! I am sure you can find music-merch-blog post-videos and soo much more on my website. If you have any specific request or questions feel great to reach out via contact tab.


I’ll be giving personal experienced feedback from my life while living out lasting memories and lucid killings.

A young lady has trouble sleeping and breathing at night. After a few conversations I gave her a recipe to assist with her lack of moisture, inflammation, and uneasy stomach and head. This is her response after one night. I did not tell her to strain, because I wanted her to create her own creation with the ingredients

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