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"Your Seed Shall Grow From Your Energy."

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The experience in adulthood is a creativity that can be learned and lived, and a tool for personal development. I took a few levels of what I have learned, lived, and used as a tool in my personal development to create the start of a university. A safe educational environment, hands-on workshops, and in person to virtual classes for the potential to evolve self in growth. I go over spiritual involvement between the universe, weather, and the character variants within self. I create new routines and financial rules for sustainability in keeping up the self. I added a homework page for real life engagements, a contact directory of my creative circle that I have personally experienced, spoken to, and/or exchanged services plus goods, and a self-growth recipe list for the energy, mental, and physical interactions the self should try for the creation or new rules, routines, and boundaries for self.

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Voice Of Reason: Graphic TEE “I Do Not Dabble In The Water I Relax On The Shore!”

The graphic tee is in contributing to the ” Voice Of Reason ” the quote is by NIttyLIveTv saying ” I Do Not Dabble In The Water I Relax On The Shore.” In other words stay out of the water you do not want to swim in or get lost in. Your waves are infinity so take the time to relax and create the right moves to get in the water. Buy To Order: Color: ?(input) Size: ?(input) Location ?(Mail) 📨Message Info Via Email. 14day process


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“Voice Of Reason” By Lashae M.L Kohliem.
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The Voice Of Reason is written by Lashae M.L. Kohliem. Published Oct 18, 2018 as an Audiobook. Voice by: Shae-Nitty. This book is about solution type perspectives aka “Quotes” that bring a creative experience of positive growth to your life. This is the first edition to ” Self-Improvement !” Please Fill out Contact Information ! –email. name. & number. or send information to voiceofreason.lmlk@gmail.com. Thankyou For Choosing to add to your Growth as I add to mines.


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