My Milestones…🌠


C.A.E. University update.

Not many will acknowledge this movement in making. Tho understand its for my future and my existence in the new world. I just wanted a great few to give a absolute manifestation with a tool of language to put yourself in the future of the new world. Blessings to society, blessings to the ones leaving… Continue reading C.A.E. University update.


The Hustle, Growth, & Perfection In Self

*I explain the self understanding to perfection and imperfections! *I talk about the ways to earn money virtually or in person. *we listen to 888hz music to connect with abundance, Golden light of Love, emotional balance. --by: evolution mind on YouTube #namasta


Follow Me. (@c.a.e_university)

Follow Me. (@c.a.e_university)I do not try to change ones mental. I plan on increasing every mental power within and around me for the benefit of unlimited, powerful energy that creates positive growth in every direction.....If you do not agree......Then the few are right.....I would not like to know your mind of failures and unidentified pen-points… Continue reading Follow Me. (@c.a.e_university)