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AU Lounge 1st Friday- Oakland Cali

NittyLiveTV has made it to the West Coast- The Bay Area to be exact. Given the honors to attend first Friday at AU Lounge in Oakland, California with Residential Dj Juan G. Invited by International DJ Big Rich we have collaborated to bring you great adventures and sights that should not be missed.   Recap-… Continue reading AU Lounge 1st Friday- Oakland Cali

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First West Coast Performance.

I am super excited to be performing in the west coast. It is just simple amazing. Being from the south and coming out here to make a way is filling me with ultimate joy. My show is Feb. 09/Sunday . Located @ DNA LOUNGE in San Francisco. Show starts at 6:30pm and ends at Midnight.… Continue reading First West Coast Performance.

Youtube: Videos-Skits-Podcast

Sneaking Inside To Check Out The Maid. Skit ft. Shae-Nitty

Sneaking Inside The House To See The Help.! We have all been there before. You arrive early just to be told to leave and come back later. Though this time ya friend hired a maid instead of you. How Dare HE!! So you decide on sneaking in the crib to startle the help. subscribe… Continue reading Sneaking Inside To Check Out The Maid. Skit ft. Shae-Nitty

Youtube: Videos-Skits-Podcast


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