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L.M.L.K "Spices & Herbs"

L.M.L.K A Sweet or Bitter TEA


L.M.L.K bitter tea

This is a bitter and/or sweet handmade Tea with organics and natural ingredients. No GMO or added preservatives. A 4oz Jar is $ 5 makes about 7-12 cups using 1 tsp. Shipping & Handeling $1.oo When you order please add your email, address with a phone number.



Understanding Unwanted Energies.

It is sure hard to speak to energies that do not want you around. Do not let those same energies make you feel like you are a mistake or you will be misplaced if you find yourself and the presence of other Energies.

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: Understanding Un Wanted Energy Towards You. https://anchor.fm/nitty-livetv/episodes/Understanding-Un-Wanted-Energy-Towards-You-e5bllr


Vibrations of Manifestation

New season ” Vibrations of Manifestation” episode 1. Tune in now and if you would like to be a guest. Id like that also.

You must understand: 3 parts yourself. 1. mind 2. mouth / voice 3. heart. In this segment I further explain how the manifestation of your vibrations came to be. This will be the first episode and the season of vibrations of manifestations. If you would like to be a guest speaker please DM which way you are available.

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: Understanding Your Vibrations in Manifestations. https://anchor.fm/nitty-livetv/episodes/Understanding-Your-Vibrations-in-Manifestations-e59ho7


Respect Your Craft

Morning Blessings***
It is a hard thing to keep your resepct in your craft. It is a honor to be as talented or creative you are. Do not let others dictate how and where you are leveling up to go. ‘#NittyLiveTv

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: Respect Your Craft. Period.. https://anchor.fm/nitty-livetv/episodes/Respect-Your-Craft–Period-e4io4f