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L.M.L.K "Spices & Herbs"

L.M.L.K A Sweet or Bitter TEA


L.M.L.K bitter tea

This is a bitter and/or sweet handmade Tea with organics and natural ingredients. No GMO or added preservatives. A 4oz Jar is $ 5 makes about 7-12 cups using 1 tsp. Shipping & Handeling $1.oo When you order please add your email, address with a phone number.



Respect Your Craft

Morning Blessings***
It is a hard thing to keep your resepct in your craft. It is a honor to be as talented or creative you are. Do not let others dictate how and where you are leveling up to go. ‘#NittyLiveTv

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: Respect Your Craft. Period.. https://anchor.fm/nitty-livetv/episodes/Respect-Your-Craft–Period-e4io4f