10 techniques to Restore Tranquility within by: L.M.L.K ..

10 techniques to Restore Tranquility within by: L.M.L.K ..

1. Figure out your triggers
2. Understand where your anger is coming from
3. Accept all your findings
4. Figure out your reasoning behind not giving your self peace
5. Figure out what is your peace
6. Accept your findings
7. Meditate on your new undeestandings
8. Accept your new understandings of your self
9. Create a boundary -&- goals for your self rather then your life.
10. Cry and make sure you tell your self the truth (rebelling against my self will only create hardships within-i can only rebel by own deeds-noone shall have power over me- since i realize i am my strongest weapon i must not form against me)


Understanding Unwanted Energies.

It is sure hard to speak to energies that do not want you around. Do not let those same energies make you feel like you are a mistake or you will be misplaced if you find yourself and the presence of other Energies.

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