Yo deff I am Honored to be Apart Of Your Reality. We created a Milestone and set the Goals for more. I Appreciate Our Time Shared. I am Excited To Grow Every Time We Can.
****you Are the real #MVP For purchasing One of my Custom Aprons that have not yet been Released But I Do Speacial Sales Until My Release. ***(Fall 2019)
Ep.3 Live In The Living Room #100Bars #ChefShoe

Shoutout to Shae Nitty for sliding thru we appreciate it. Definitely go check her out she wear many hats.
Artist/ Author
Creative speaker
And she makes organic Tea, spices, etc.
Head on over to her page.
📸 @tezzo_mobb74

#StreetTalkRadio #StreetTalkCertified #ShoeChefApproveThisMessage #CHICAGO #StreetTalkStudios #UndergroundRadio #UrbanRadio #Hiphop #Rap #RadioHost @ Chicago, Illinois


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