“A Water Filler” DIY Health Drink

” A Water Filler “
7 Ingredients to use .A Water Filler – Live Video
*1/2 gallon measurements_ Use up to One Week preferred.
1. Distilled Water 2-4 cups
{Flushes out Toxins}
2. Kiwi – 1 whole one {peel skin}
{vitiam C_dietary Fiber_Aids in Digestion_Beautifies skin}
3. Bay Leaf – 1 leaf
{vitiamins A_Magnesium_Potassium_Iron_calcium_Joint Pain}
4. LIme/Lemon – Half of each
{Digestion_Enzymes_Stimulates The LIver_Detoxification}
5. Grapeseed OIl – 1 Tsp
{Omega 6 fatty acids_Vitiamin E_Immune System Support}
6. Papaya- 1/2 or whole
{Fights Intestinal Worms_Fights Cancer_Heart Health_Minerals_Nutrients_Mascular desration}
7. Cayenne Pepper – 1 tsp
{Capsaicin_Pain Reliever_neuropeptide_Anti-Inflammatory_Lower Body temp by stimulating Sweat Glands}
Enjoy, Please Leave Feedback on How it Works For You!

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